Essential Rome

Walking Tour of the Historical Center

This is a specific type of tour if you are in Rome for a short period of time, and would like to leave with an understanding of the most prominent sites.

Available night and day:

Stadium of Domitian
Piazza Navona: One of the most beautiful "piazzas" in Rome, nevertheless host of the famous Fountain of the Four Rivers by genius artist of the Roman Baroque Style, Gian Lorenzo Bernini  
The Pantheon: masterpiece of the ancient Roman architecture, was raised as it is by Emperor Hadrian in 125 A.D.
The Roman Forum from the Tabularium on the Capitol
The Colosseum
The Trevi Fountain: crowning pearl of the late Baroque style, is still alimented by the Aqua Virgo (one of the ancient Roman aqueducts)
Spanish Steps: the end of the Tour.

2 hours walking tour (night and day)

Transfers included from & to the Hotels
Please enquire for groups

From 2 pax to 3 pax (per person)
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From 4 pax (per person)
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